New Releases Fri, 25 Apr 14 04:32:05 +0200 New Releases en-CA Naâman Nouveau Clip "Rebel For Life" feat Cutty Ranks ! Fri, 28 Mar 2014 12:53:18 +0100 SoulbeatsRecords 156@/forum/discussions

L'occasion de vous présenter le tout nouveau COFFRET NAAMAN qui inclut son dernier album Deep Rockers Back A Yard, ainsi qu'un DVD inédit : FROM THE DEEP TO THE ROCK ! Ce nouveau DVD retrace l'ascension fulgurante d'un jeune chanteur français qui a su bousculer les codes et faire entendre un reggae explosif aux quatre coins de la planète. Naâman et le Deep Rockers Crew, l'arrivée d'une nouvelle génération, pleine d'énergie, d'envies et d'humanité ! Allez à la rencontre de ces musiciens et amis, revivez des concerts explosifs, des voyages inédits et des rencontres inoubliables !

Dans les bacs le 22 Avril !
Discover Vanupié: spicy reggae soul pop! Wed, 10 Jul 2013 15:06:47 +0200 SoulbeatsRecords 145@/forum/discussions
Todays he's back to present you his brand new album FreeBirds which will release on October 8th and the 4 tracks EP is now available on FreeBirds is skillfully flirting with reggae soul pop and folk. Vanupié cross styles and times with facility and subtelty, delivering an eclectic reggae orchestrated by Flox directly from England with a resounding nu reggae/electro!

During the spring Vanupié was on the road with Groundation a unique moment that he wanted to share with you!

See you in September in live and with FreeBirds!
New Dancehall Artist - - RANKIN FRECKLEFACE Fri, 22 Feb 2013 08:21:44 +0100 relaxadub 135@/forum/discussions

New 7" Dub wax out now...((LISTEN)) Fri, 22 Feb 2013 07:54:44 +0100 relaxadub 134@/forum/discussions 2008... a hot & sweaty year for Phoenix, Arizona. The Recession was near, and people all around had no desire to do much of anything at all.

From this idle time saw the nexus of RELAXO, a reggae project that brought together musicians Cypriano Rizla of the Great Stone Soundsystem (Dr. Rock) & Ranking Freckleface from the Phoenix Ital Plate Sound System.

Encompassing a wild array of Jamaican influences, RELAXO has created styles ranging from early Lee "Scratch" Perry to ethereal versions and dub cuts similar in vein to Augustus Pablo or Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes.

The Orangewood Sessions is a brief introduction to Relaxo; four very short instrumentals recorded over a very short period of time in a small apartment next door to RELAXO's apartment manager. Most of the tunes were recorded initially as drum and organ straight to a Marantz digital stereo recorder. Later, after acquiring Pro Tools, overdubs of additional organ, bass, percussion, melodica, guitar and helicopter were performed. RELAXO often went bananas while tracking these tunes for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy them too!
Ranking Freckleface - drums, bass, melodica, percussion, tambourine, recording and mixing at Orangewood, Phoenix, AZ
Cypriano Rizla - bass, organ, guitar, percussion, recording and mixing at Orangewood, Phoenix, AZ
Kent Verderico - mastering engineer, Blue Ribbon Studios, El Monte, CA

Available for $4.49! at or through

MIXTAPE Randy Valentine "Bring Back The Love" FREE DOWNLOAD !!!! Tue, 16 Oct 2012 20:04:27 +0200 IrieNation 126@/forum/discussions The Mix is composed of 13 previously unreleased songs from Randy on Classic Reggae Instrumentals such as “Stalag Riddim”, “Lecturer Riddim”, “Bobby Babylon Riddim” and other Studio One classics…

This gives a real “authentic” reggae feel to the project and allows Randy to showcase his versatality as he easily passes from beautiful singing melodies to an energetic “deejay” style.

DOWNLOAD HERE !!!!!! … ght-sound/

C'est de la balle cette mixtape, n'hésitez pas à la télécharger et laisser vos impressions et commentaires !

JOSEPH COTTON -African Chanting- Fri, 15 Jun 2012 00:51:40 +0200 unre 112@/forum/discussions ]]> JAMAICA R&B SOULMATES MASHUPS Fri, 15 Jun 2012 00:44:39 +0200 unre 111@/forum/discussions ]]> Tarrus Riley's new album out NOW - exclusive jingle! Fri, 20 Apr 2012 14:55:44 +0200 SoulbeatsRecords 107@/forum/discussions Jingle exclusif de Mr Tarrus juste pour vous! Venez savourer cet album envoutant et transportant qui nous arrive tout droit de la Jamaïque avec Dean Fraser au saxo et le Blak Soil Band!

Découvrez ici le jingle inédit de Mr Tarrus Riley:

Album disponible sur:

Skarra Mucci releases "Return Of The Raggamuffin" Mon, 16 Apr 2012 13:17:48 +0200 IrieNation 103@/forum/discussions "Return Of The Raggamuffin"

From Old-school to Nu-school. Skarra Mucci is a Jamaican artist who makes the best mix of the tradition of veteran Dancehall DJ's and of the freshest reggae and dancehall riddims. Dubbed the Lyric Millionnaire, his tunes are shaped to buss the dancehall and make you feel good and joyful.

We are proud to introduce his new album to you : RETURN OF THE RAGGAMUFFIN.

Enjoy some free tracks, biography, pictures and more in this PROMO PACK :

Your opinion is important to us : FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A FEEDBACK !!!

One Love

TARRUS RILEY - New Album: MECOUSTIC out on April 17th Thu, 08 Mar 2012 12:38:12 +0100 SoulbeatsRecords 101@/forum/discussions Elected as "Best Artist" in 2011 by the EME Awards (Excellence in Music and Entertainment - Jamaica), the talented Tarrus Riley is coming back this year with a new side project worthy of his career and his charisma were are now recognized all over the music world. Mecoustic which will coming out on April 17th, it's a worldwide artistic life culmination, the result of a real development in the art of vocalize.
Soulbeats invite you to this loud and sensory excursion, let you drift off into Mecoustic, an authentic and enchanting album.

More informations on:
Peppery teams with Friendly Fire for a Digital Identiti Fri, 03 Feb 2012 23:25:15 +0100 Hotsteppery 94@/forum/discussions
Peppery, with this set, is lyrically awesome and exuberant in an invigorating display of maturity, energy and versatility. Packed with a mixture of dancehall, roots and other genres, ‘Mistaken Identiti’ is sizzling hot and sheer class.

Already storming the airwaves, the inclusion of the previously released ‘The Score’ and ‘Same Fren' underlines the wide appeal of the album in a must for the connoisseurs and those savouring Peppery’s fiery, unique and infectious brand for the first time. The album’s lyrical power and potency is succinctly captivated by the thumping beats, catchy lines and riffs from start to finish.

Make no mistake, this original, well-produced and stylishly penned package from Peppery with contributions from Daddy Freddy and Ras Tweed is a ‘must have’ and an inspiration. Like other artistes who are churning out quality material on their own labels with pleasing consistency, a new era is unfolding in the UK music scene.
GROUNDATION's New Album! Thu, 02 Feb 2012 13:56:45 +0100 SoulbeatsRecords 93@/forum/discussions
At this occasion take avantage to our "Building An Ark Exclusive Pack" and receive the album before the official date release!
The CD + The Tee shirt + The Sticker at 35 euros! The price will low of 1 euro at every 25 pre orders!

All informations and conditions on:

Follow Groundation's adventure on our Youtube channel:]]>
FREE DOWNLOAD : DANCEHALL NICE AGAIN - Mr Williamz & Mandinka Warrior!!! Thu, 24 Nov 2011 19:26:27 +0100 IrieNation 87@/forum/discussions
The DANCEHALL NICE AGAIN EP by Mandinka Warrior outta Gambia & Mr Williamz.outta UK/JA is out now on free download!
They call it original dancehall vibes inna combination style and they are absolutely right.

Mandinka Warriors got one of those powerful voices like Luciano and Bushman, and works wickedly alongside Mr.Williamz.

The nine track EP features the duo riding classic riddims like Revolution, Truths & Rights and African Beat.

Murder :

Jah Alone :

Dancehall Nice Again :

Link me up for promotion/shows/dubplates/jingles and more...

One Love

Dj Ludo
Irie Nation Sound

Mr. Williamz emerged onto the reggae scene in 2008 with his debut single "Babylon in Helicopter" (Produced by Necessary Mayhem) reached No1 in the U.S singles charts, No2 in the German reggae charts and charted No 15 in the German reggae charts of the year 2008. Which lead to Mr.Williamz being honored by the BBC as the UK artiste of the year 2008. He has since released follow up singles such az "No Cigarette" which features on The Biggest Reggae Anthems 2009 (Greensleeves CD). and "Real General" which reached No 1 in Japan singles charts only weeks after being released, other tracks include "Better Meds" with Tony Curtis & "London" both on the JAM1 riddim and getting good rotation (radio/clubs) worldwide.
Having toured Central America (Costa Rica - Panama) and many countries in Europe, Mr.Williamz iz fast proving to be one of the most promising artiste out of London,U.K

Mandinka Warrior was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1982. The artist, who`s got his name from his roots in the Gambian Tribe of Mandinka, started off his career in 2002 as a member of the Showstoppers Label with Mr. Chin and Natasja(R.I.P).
He began playing with various styles and different voices, which should become, next to his powerful and energizing performances, one of his biggest qualities.
In the age of 22, Mandinka started touring Europe. Self educated and full of speeches and lyrics, he didn`t write down his tunes at this time, but spit freestyle lyrics on spot for dubplates, tunes and even live shows.
When he came back from a seven month trip to Gambia in July 2007, he was ready to reach an higher level within his musical development. Full of inspirations and experiences from the gambian music scene, he locked down himself in the studio to work with many different musicians and producers from all over the globe. Two years later, in march 2009, he released his first mixtape naturally called „Versatile Vol.1“. The rest of the year was used to promote the mixtape and play in different countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Spain and Hungary.
Since then he`s focused again on production and recording. The „Mixtape Versatile Vol.2“ is soon to be released and 2012 shall be the year of the first album release. So watch out for more!
Mistaken Identiti - The debut album from Peppery Fri, 16 Sep 2011 22:38:36 +0200 Hotsteppery 82@/forum/discussions
Born Clayton Brown in Trelawny, Jamaica, Peppery first started his career as Bongo Chilli releasing the album, ‘Real Musician’ on Sativa Records in 2007. Shows around England and the rest of Europe followed with an assortment of collaborators including his mentor, Daddy Freddy as well as Celt Islam, Kush Arora and others. With contributions from Daddy Freddy and Ras Tweed, ‘Mistaken Identiti’ is a mixture of Dancehall, traditional Roots Reggae and “Alternative” music with the backing tracks incorporating both live instrumentation and digital programming.

Previously released tracks that have already received favourable airplay include ‘The Score’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’. Come 2011 and his catchphrase “Peppery” has now become Bongo’s second name prompting a change to the entity Peppery aka Bongo Chilli. So Peppery’s debut is actually Clayton’s second album – confused? Don’t be, just savour the Peppery flavours when you press play.

The album’s title track may be deemed controversial by some as the subject is the pain caused to the family and friends of loved ones who have lost their lives violently. “Let it be known for the record that I am in no way encouraging anyone to take the law into their own hands & seek revenge” says Peppery asserting, “I am merely highlighting the fact that many people have been killed innocently.”

Producers on the project include the aforementioned Mexican of Gone Music, Ganzi of Classiqueinc, Damalistik of Roots Survival Records, Rob of Big Belly Records and DJ Afghan of Soulove Records.

The album has been launched in the UK as a limited edition CD on Peppery’s own record label Bongo Chilli Records but the rest of the world will have to wait a little longer before it will eventually surface in their local outlets. On the other hand, those who shop online are now able to purchase the CD directly from the source. Join the Facebook group “Peppery” to find out how or send your queries to You can also listen to some of the tracks from the album here:]]>
Black Roots signing the new compilation in Bristol on Sept 10th. Wed, 07 Sep 2011 11:15:51 +0200 Camille 81@/forum/discussions Bristol's premier Reggae band throughout the 80s, Black Roots are going to be celebrating the release of their ‘Black Roots: The Reggae Singles Anthology' with a signing session at the Fopp store on College Green in Bristol, UK on Saturday 10th September 2011.

The band will be at the store from 4.00 pm to meet fans and sign copies of the new collection which was officially released on Monday 5th September 2011 through Bristol Archive Records]]>
(Cd) Maxi "One Destiny" - Jah Herbie - See Me King records Sat, 30 Jul 2011 23:29:54 +0200 jahherbie 80@/forum/discussions

Le digipack "One Destiny" est disponible sur commande
au 06 63 26 00 83 et sur
ainsi que dans les boutiques suivantes :
- Le Disquaire , place du Jésus 06300 Nice
- Hit Import , 11 rue de Lépante 06000 Nice
- Sonic Import , 15 avenue du Maréchal Foch 06000 Nice
- Sit Clothin , 10 rue Cassini 06300 Nice
- Fnac , avenue Jean Médecin 06000 Nice]]>
REBEL MUSIC 10 TRACK EP - KABAKA PYRAMID Fri, 22 Jul 2011 19:14:27 +0200 shomari7 79@/forum/discussions Photobucket

Rebel Music EP
Kabaka Pyramid

Bebble Rock Music and Indiggnation proudly presents the "Rebel Music EP"

Kabaka Pyramid releases his “Rebel Music” EP which is free to the public at The project is a fusion of roots rock, reggae, dancehall and hip hop and is intended to show the world where Kabaka Pyramid is looking to take Jamaican music, as well as spread the positive messages of spirituality and conscious evolution that you find whenever he grabs a mic!

Rebel Music Ep
Bebble Rock Music

“To me....Reggae and Hip Hop go hand in hand....when they procreate, Rebel Music is born! Some believe that each art form must remain pure....I’m not here to oppose. But fusion is the foodstuff of evolution, and evolution is constant - both physically and spiritually” Kabaka Pyramid

“Kabaka Pyramid is one of the most promising talents I have seen in a while” Protoje

“It is a tasty mix of roots and early dancehall scented with some hip-hop” United reggae Magazine on Rebel music

“With a solid list of skills not only in the booth but on the mixing board, and an array of lyrics that preach a message of love, self-awareness and African pride, Kabaka Pyramid is well on his way to a career that should not only lead to greatness but also lead a lot of fans to righteousness” Aesthetics Now Magazine

Jahva Sound Presents Kenny Ranking - Ruff Round Di Edges - A Rootical Thing Wed, 20 Apr 2011 09:53:46 +0200 kennyranking 73@/forum/discussions

So i’ma take it back to the beginning for Kenny Ranking. What I present to you are the roots & foundation tunes that made me fall in love with this thing called reggae. On a good day, with a good pound of herbs and good vibes, i pulled out all the tunes and recorded the session. One take, one spliff, one shot a caribean rum, a little bit ruff round the edges sometimes, but its one good vibe.

Go ahead and download the tracked version:

Or if you prefer, you can download the single file:


1. Barry Brown – Big Big Polution
2. Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
3. Wailing Souls – Who No Waan Come
4. Barrington Levy – Sister Carol
5. Culture – Love Shine Bright
6. Wailing Souls – Firehouse Rock
7. Barry Biggs – Wide Awake In A Dream
8. Junior Byles – Heart and Soul
9. Culture – Two Sevens Clash
10. Still Cool – To Be Poor Is A Crime
11. The Abyssinians – Forward On To Zion
12. The Gladiators – Naturality
13. Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket
14. Barrington Levy – Collie Weed
15. The Tamlins – Ting A Ling
16. Gregory Isaacs – Oh What A Feeling Dubplate
17. Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard
18. The Itals – Ina Disa Time
19. Wayne Jarret – Chip In
20. Gregory Isaacs – Soon Forward
21. Linval Thompson – Train To Zion
22. Sister Nancy – Put A Roof Over Your Head
23. Junior Murvin – Cool Out Son
24. Sugar Minott – Jahva Stylee/Herbsman Husslin Dubplate
25. Burning Spear – Colombus
26. Cornell Campbell – Girl Of My Dreams
27. Dennis Brown – Coming Home Tonight
28. Jacob Miller – Fire A Go Burn Dem
29. The Mighty Diamonds – Two by Two
30. Michael Prophet – Gunman
31. The Tamlins – Keep That Light
32. Fantels – Name Of The Game
33. Dennis Brown – Queen Majesty
34. U Roy – Chalice In The Palace
35. Trinity – Three Piece Suit And Thing
36. Dennis Brown & John Holt – Wild Fire
37. Johnny Clarke – Rockers Time Now
38. Gregory Isaacs – My Resistance
39. The Mighty Diamonds – Country Living
40. Toots – I Say Yeah Dubplate]]>
Earl Zero Marketplace Now Available for Order or Download Wed, 13 Apr 2011 02:55:52 +0200 foreignkeyrecords 72@/forum/discussions

Following up on his 2010 smash roots showcase album “And God Said to Man” comes Rootsman Earl Zero with Marketplace. It features guest musical appearances from members of Roots Radics, Greyboy Allstars, The Devastators, The Bongolian, etc. The album was recorded using all real Drums recorded to 2″ tape & analog instruments such as Hammond B3′s, Rhodes Piano, Clavinet, wurlitzer, etc.

The sessions are the result of collaboration between several West Coast musicians. Alex Somerville of Peaks & Valley Productions provided the majority of heavy keyboard parts utilizing his vast collection of vintage gear. Jamaican session drummer Style Scott makes a guest appearence on 5 tracks.

Support the singers & players of live organic roots music!!!]]>
preview and purchase here.]]>
Jah Army Revolution! Wed, 02 Mar 2011 22:53:04 +0100 RedHigh 64@/forum/discussions

Jah Army Revolution!

Jah Army Highwear

Only as long as stock lasts!
Jah Army Headquarter

KeKe I "World Crisis" / KeKe I "She's so special"/Eloquent "Corey" Tue, 01 Mar 2011 09:49:17 +0100 TheHandCartMarket 61@/forum/discussions

Avaible on Digital distributed by VP Records

SOLID FOUNDATION RIDDIM OUT MARCH 1ST WITH VIDEO OF MEK WI MOVE Sun, 13 Feb 2011 12:25:03 +0100 karnatone_records 56@/forum/discussions or
Earl Zero Marketplace Album Trailer Video Online Sun, 30 Jan 2011 21:03:06 +0100 foreignkeyrecords 48@/forum/discussions

The video features interview footage & Z performing his classics Please Officer & Shackles & Chains on acoustic guitar. Producer Siah Dowlatshahi also joins him for a sample of the title track from the new album.

More video coming soon...]]>
Earl Zero Marketplace Album For Release Spring 2011 Sun, 30 Jan 2011 21:00:22 +0100 foreignkeyrecords 47@/forum/discussions
The sessions are the result of collaboration between several west coast musicians. Alex Somerville of Peaks & Valley Productions provided the majority of heavy keyboard parts utilizing his vast collection of vintage gear. Jamaican session drummer Style Scott makes a guest appearence on 5 tracks.

Marketplace will be available in Spring 2011 stay tuned…]]>
Kenny Ranking - Catch A Vibe 4 2K10 Mon, 29 Nov 2010 08:42:53 +0100 kennyranking 24@/forum/discussions

Yaga, its been a long time, i shouldn’t left u, without some good tunes to vibe too. Grimy recordings as always, I got some herbs tunes in there, mixed up with a bag a culture and lovers tunes. Old, new, forgotten, overlooked…it’s all about catching a vibe!

Roll a spliff, ease up, press play and enjoy the session. Don’t be afraid to use one a dem share buttons down there if u like it.

Download Jahva Sound Presents Kenny Ranking – Catch A Vibe 4 2K10 – The Ease Up Session



1. Ziggi – Intro
2. Romain Virgo – No Money
3. Gappy Ranks – Long Time
4. Mr. Vegas – Do U Know
5. Peetah Morgan – Golden Brown
6. Lutan Fyah – Strong Woman (Joey Keyz Riddim)
7. Zamunda – Herbsman (Joey Keyz Riddim)
8. Torch – Good Love (Sugar Riddim)
9. Lyricson – Glad Ur Mine (Sugar Riddim)
10. Sean Paul – Straight From The Heart
11. Assassinn – Give Thanks (New Chapter Rhythm)
12. Chris Martin – No 2nd Dance (New Chapter Rhythm)
13. Peetah Morgan – Dont Walk Away (New Chapter Rhythm)
14. Chino – Forgive Me (New Chapter Rhythm)
15. Anthony B – I’m Sorry (New Chapter Rhythm)
16. Beenie Man – Respect n Big Up (Pretty Looks Riddim)
17. Gyptian – Mama I Love U (Pretty Looks Riddim)
18. Jah Cure – Don’t Let Them Cry (Good Ova Evil Riddim)
19. Ce’Cile – Groupie (Good Ova Evil Riddim)
20. Alaine – So Simple (Sunshine Riddim)
21. Gyptian – Complete Me (Sunshine Riddim)
22. Peetah Morgan – Be Mindful (Sunshine Riddim)
23. Pressure – Cry (Netzah Riddim)
24. Richie Spice – Mama Love (Netzah Riddim)
25. Jah Cure – Why Can’t We (Netzah Riddim)
26. Mr. Vegas – Sweet Jamaica
27. Alaine – Never Done
28. Jah Cure – My Hands (The Dream Riddim)
29. Pressure – Touch U (The Dream Riddim)
30. Sean Paul – Hold My Hand (Relationship Riddim)
31.I-Wayne – What Will They Do (Relationship Riddim)
32. T.O.K. – Single Moms (Relationship Riddim)
33. Collie Buddz – Now She’s Gone (Relationship Riddim)
34. Chris Martin – Paper Loving (Cardiac Bass Riddim)
35. Jah Cure – Before I Leave (Cardiac Bass Riddim)
36. Lutan Fiyah – Ungrateful (Cardiac Bass Riddim)
37. Vybz Kartel – Not a Love Song (Cardiac Bass Riddim)
38. Peetah Morgan – I’m So Lost (Serve & Protect Riddim)
39. Romain Virgo – Who Feels It Knows It (Serve & Protect Riddim)
40. Lutan Fyah – Over Come Dem (Minor Riddim)
41. Selena Serrano & Pressure – Love me Right (Minor Riddim)
42. Vybz Kartel – A Like Dat (Minor Riddim)
43. Tarrus Riley – Human Nature]]>
DIRTY NASKO 12 SOUND FRESH DANCEHALL VOL 61 DEC 2K10 Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:42:37 +0100 DIRTYNASKO 30@/forum/discussions MINANOH - Raggamuffin Soldjah Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:10:41 +0100 Holy_Night_sound 27@/forum/discussions
Minanoh and the Holy Night sound are proud to present the new title "Raggamufin Soldjah". A conscious and militant tune sung in english, creole and french on the "Police Man riddim" (Culture).
Available in free downloading here :

This tune is extract from the new free-tape "Débrouillard et Tenace" soon available in free downloading.

Stay connected.

Write & sing by Minanoh.
Record & mix by Jah Dys Iple @ Holy Night studio.
Graphism by Coconut.

For more info check :

Big up & Blessings.]]>
[Dubbhism Deluxe 002] Tony Dubshot ~ Dub Experryments Wed, 15 Dec 2010 14:39:27 +0100 dubbhism 29@/forum/discussions
preview here:

buy links:

30 min. promo mix 'Radio Kandinsky'

Dubbhism blog:



"A master synthesist, mixing and mastering engineer, Dubshot is a talent to watch in the rapidly evolving field of microtonal-with-a-beat. Highly recommended."
Jacky Ligon

"An exciting album, very original. Tony Dubshot shows exceptional understanding of what makes dub come alive."
Sean 'Sevish' Archibald (Split Notes)

Listening to dub can be like moving through an abstract painting but with a fat bass added. Most technoid dubscapes are stark, desolate and minimal like the abstract paintings of ~ say ~ Mark Rothko. On the other hand 'Dub Experryments' is more like switching on Radio Kandinsky. A lively, almost tangible mess of strange colors and fx.

Dubshot likes his dub fairly over the top. In that sense he's from the Mad Professor school of dub, but not all of the time. The opening tracks of 'Dub Experryments' are more like electronic remakes of mellow oldskool tracks by King Tubbys or Scientist.

Dubshot is quite taken by the possibilities of xenharmonic music. He has already released a succesful album titled Omega Dub (2010, SPNT-002) on Split Notes, the first netlabel livicated 100% to funky music with experimental harmonies. And the Dubbhism release titled Keeping it steady by Glamma Woods (2010, DUBBHISM-026) is in fact an absinthe-soaked, deliriously xenharmonic tribute to all musicians who indulge in large quantities of sonic experrymentation.


Tony Dubshot is from Leiden, the Lowlands where he runs the ISM dub studio and the DUBBHISM label. His sonic experrymentation is generally labelled as electro dub, psychedelic dubstep or even scientific dancehall. All of these labels are correct.


Official website:
General info:

More links:]]>
BANTABA -From the Ground Up- Organic Roots Reggae from Germany Tue, 07 Dec 2010 19:51:19 +0100 FrauRudi 26@/forum/discussions It's worth it!