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Trinidad & Tobago artists in Europe
  • Vote Up0Vote Down CamilleCamille October 2011
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    The Trinidad & Tobago Entertainment Company is right now at WOMEX 2011 to build relationships with European booking agencies to produce tours for artists such as Kes, Machel Montano, Destra, Rikki Jai, Nadia Batson, Bunji Garlin, 3 Canal, Nebula 868 and several other prominent acts.

    Listen Kes here :

    And check out Machel Montano :

    The soca music industry and the other forms of indigenous music coming out of Trinidad and Tobago have been part of a multi-billion dollar business in regards to the staging of festivals and Carnivals that take place throughout the globe.

    They’re now ready to conquer Europe !

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  • Vote Up1Vote Down kimseecharankimseecharan October 2011

    Kes, Patrice Roberts, Destra ect are great singers/performers/bands. The energy, rhythm and excitement that they bring to a show is amazing. I guarantee that the Europeans will love the versatility, energy and fun that artists out of Trinidad (or anywhere in the Caribbean) bring to a show.

  • Vote Up0Vote Down EstherwattieEstherwattie October 2011

    Kes the Band to the world!!! I've loved this band for years and I'm so proud of what they've accomplished especially in this year. They have an energy and a vibe that they bring to any show they perform at. Their versatility with their pop, soca, reggae etc. make them perfect for the European crowd who we know are the most welcoming and truly appreciative of all genres :).
    Without a doubt with their talent, personality, drive and we must admit GOOD LOOKS Europe will be won over in heartbeat!!!

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