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Bounty Killer - Ghetto Gramma'

Bounty Killer - Ghetto Gramma'

Bounty Killer - Ghetto Gramma'

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Released in 1997


Artist/Band: Bounty Killer
Album name: Ghetto Gramma'

Produced by King Jammy.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Bounty KillerAncient Day Killing
2Bounty KillerSmoke The Herb
3Bounty KillerFat And Sexy
4Bounty KillerConvince
5Bounty KillerBook Book Book
6Bounty KillerGal Fi Get Wock
7Bounty Killer & No No No (World a Respect) (feat. Dawn Penn)
8Bounty KillerReport You Missing
9Bounty KillerFear No Evil
10Bounty Killer & Chuck FenderRun Around Girl (feat. Chuck Fender)
11Bounty KillerDown Grade Mi Gun
12Bounty Killer & Colin RoachI'll Be Back (feat. Colin Roach)
13Bounty KillerIncome
14Bounty KillerWedding Done Arrange
15Bounty KillerYou've Got Me Waiting (feat. Nitty Kutchie & Angel Doolas)
16Bounty KillerWar Is Not A Nice Thing
17Bounty KillerMi Heart Beat
18Bounty Killer & Junior ReidThis World's Too Haunted (feat. Junior Reid)
19Bounty KillerMangoose
20Bounty Killer & Time to Realize (feat. Dirtsman)


Greensleeves CD  1997
Greensleeves CD  2007

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  • Bounty Killer - Ghetto Gramma'Bounty Killer - Ghetto Gramma'
  • Junior Kelly, Bounty Killer and Capleton - The Good, The Bad And The BlazingJunior Kelly, Bounty Killer and Capleton - The Good, The Bad And The Blazing
  • Bounty Killer - Nah No MercyBounty Killer - Nah No Mercy


Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer photo

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