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Yellowman - Reggae Legends

Yellowman - Reggae Legends

Yellowman - Reggae Legends

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Released in December 2008

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Yellowman
Album name: Reggae Legends

4 CD box set.
Reissue of 4 albums from Yellowman released by Greensleeves and VP records.
Disc 1 : Good Sex Guide (1995)
Disc 2 : Blueberry Hill (1987)
Disc 3 : Galong Galong Galong (1987)
Disc 4 : In Bed With Yellowman (1993)


N. Artist(s) Title
1YellowmanBig Dick
3YellowmanGo Go Bell
4YellowmanWant you Body
5YellowmanTonight You Die
7YellowmanBad Boy
8YellowmanToo Greedy
9YellowmanCry Help
11YellowmanBlueberry Hill
12YellowmanLetter To Rosey
13YellowmanJean A Miss Follow Fashion
14YellowmanWho Says Yellow Don't Go Hotel
15YellowmanNah Pay No Tax
16YellowmanAnything Me Say
17YellowmanYoung Girl Be Wise
18YellowmanAnother Saturday Night
19YellowmanGalong Galong Galong
20YellowmanBeat It
21YellowmanUnder Mi Fat Thing
22YellowmanCuss Cuss
23YellowmanReggae Gets The Grammy
24YellowmanThrow Mi Corn
25YellowmanSkank Quadrille
26YellowmanBlow Saxophone
27YellowmanMoney Make Friend
28YellowmanBubble With Mi Ting
29YellowmanHardcore Lover
30YellowmanMatie Vex
31YellowmanBetter Than Them
32YellowmanYellowman Getting Married
33YellowmanCan't Wine
34YellowmanTing A Ling
35YellowmanI Love The Girls
36YellowmanYou'll Lose A Good Thing
37YellowmanWine Wine
39Yellowman & Half Crazy (feat. Sandy Star)


17 North Parade (VP records) CD December,  2008

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