Brushy - The King Of One String

Brushy - The King Of One String

At the occasion of BRUSHY's acoustic album release, United Reggae and RiseUp Entertainment offer you to watch the short documentary The King Of One String.

From the creators of RiseUp comes The King of One String, the story of Jamaican living legend, Andrew Chin, AKA "Brushy One String". Filled with contagious musical performances by the artist, The King of One String follows Brushy from the dangerous streets, back alleys and crowded streets of Jamaica, as he demonstrates the raw power of hope and courage in a land where he is revered by both young and old. Brushy soothes the souls and rough hearts with a bright smile and one string.

The King Of One String

The screening took place from Sept. 9th to Oct. 9th, 2011 and is now over.

You can watch the trailer below or get the DVD, here.

Brushy - The King Of One String / Acoustic

A collection of live performances

  1.  1. Chicken In The Corn (RiseUp Original Version)
  2.  2. Grays In My Blues
  3.  3. Boom Bang Deng
  4.  4. No Man Stop Me
  5.  5. They Are Going Down
  6.  6. Another Song of Praise
  7.  7. One String Play
  8.  8. Me Know About Jamaica (featuring Grinds Man)
  9.  9. Life Is For Every Man
  10.  10. Riseup
  11.  11. War & Crime
  12.  12. Destiny (Studio Single)

Released on August 23 for digital download.

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