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Skatalites (the) Discography


Skatalites (the)

Skatalites (the), discography

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Partial discography - 8 albums

Skatalites (the) - Hi-bop Ska

Shanachie - 1994
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Skatalites (the) - Greetings From Skamania

Shanachie - 1996
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Skatalites (the) - Play Ska

Kingston Sounds - 2007
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Skatalites (the) - On The Right Track

Aim records - 2007
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Skatalites (the) - Rolling Steady

Motion records - 2007
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Skatalites (the) - The Authentic Sound Of Tommy Mccook

Moon Ska - 2007
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Skatalites (the) - Stretching Out, Volume One

ROIR - 2008
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Skatalites - History Of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae

United Sound Records - 2015
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Reggae New Releases

Phat Cat - Jamdoll

Phat Cat Sound
March 2017

Joseph Cotton Meets Manudigital & Friends

X-Ray Production
April 2017

Pablo Moses - The Itinuation

Grounded Music
May 2017

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