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United Reggae is an online magazine created in October 2007 and dedicated to reggae music. It has the intention of offering a real international platform of information on this rich and healthy music. Our aim is to promote and spread the inspiring and healing vibrations of Reggae music and culture.

The magazine features 6 sections : News, Articles, Artists, Videos, Books and Movies. Artists, Books and Movies are three original databases updated daily.

United we stand, Divided we fall… join us!

The team

Co-foundors Xavier Simacourbe, Camille Monchicourt, Maral Amiri, Benjamin Peronne
Development Manager Jean Lenormand
Chief editor Angus Taylor
Editor Erik Magni
Editor Maral Amiri
Webmaster Xavier Simacourbe
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Angus Taylor Angus Taylor

377 articles

116 news

2,375,499 page views for Angus Taylor articles and news.

Erik Magni Erik Magni

316 articles

562 news

2,354,526 page views for Erik Magni articles and news.

Maral Amiri Maral Amiri

25 articles

244 news

894,935 page views for Maral Amiri articles and news.

Statistics 2009

Traffic statistics (source Google/Awstat)

Unique visitors 1,491,370
Page views 9,949,840
Total visits 1,683,560
Average Pageviews 5.91
Time on Site 00:02:58

Audience Interests (source Google/Awstat)

Interest Affinity
Reggae & Caribbean Music 293.4x
Jamaica 280.4x
World Music 32.4x
CD & Audio Shopping 16.6x
Music & Audio 11.1x
Events & Listings 8.2x
Arts & Entertainment 6.3x

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