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Heptones (the) - The Heptones

Heptones (the) - The Heptones

Heptones (the) - The Heptones

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Released in 1967


Artist/Band: Heptones (the)
Album name: The Heptones

Produced by Clement Seymour Dodd.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Heptones (the)Fattie Fattie
2Heptones (the)Why Must I
3Heptones (the)Only Sixteen
4Heptones (the)Land Of Love
5Heptones (the)The Best Things In Life
6Heptones (the)Gee Wee
7Heptones (the)I've Got A Feeling
8Heptones (the)Tripe Girl
9Heptones (the)Baby
10Heptones (the)Let's Fall In Love
11Heptones (the)Take A Tip From Me
12Heptones (the)Cry Baby Cry


Studio One LP  1967

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Heptones (the)

Heptones (the) photo

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