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Tad Dawkins & Scientist - Allied Dub Selection

Tad Dawkins & Scientist - Allied Dub Selection

Tad Dawkins & Scientist - Allied Dub Selection

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Released in 1980


Artist/Band: Tad Dawkins & Scientist
Album name: Allied Dub Selection

Scientist vs Papa Tad's
Produced by Tad A. Dawkins and Jah Thomas.
Mixed by Scientist and Papa Tad's at King Tubby's studio.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Tad DawkinsWho Dead ?
2Tad DawkinsKill Me With Dub Pa Tads
3Tad DawkinsYou Can't Play This One Scientist
4Tad DawkinsPack Up And Go Home Boy
5Tad DawkinsMurder Style
6ScientistA Me Dead
7ScientistScientist Special
8ScientistStraight To Saps Head
9ScientistWater House Rock
10ScientistStraight To Tads Head


Tad's LP  1980


Tad Dawkins

Producer, Sound Engineer

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Scientist photo

Sound Engineer

Hopeton Brown

Born in 1960

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