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Kashief Lindo - What Kinda World

Kashief Lindo - What Kinda World

Kashief Lindo - What Kinda World

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Released in October 1997


N. Artist(s) Title
1Kashief LindoI'm a Big Man Now
2Kashief LindoWhat Kinda World
3Kashief LindoSoul Power
4Kashief LindoTired of Being Alone
5Kashief LindoNo Can Do
6Kashief LindoYou Got Me Good
7Kashief LindoNever Had a Dream Come True
8Kashief LindoI Can't Help It
9Kashief LindoShe's Out of My Life
10Kashief LindoJust Say When
11Kashief LindoI Can Feel Love
12Kashief LindoOnly Make Believe
13Kashief LindoToo Long Is The Wait
14Kashief LindoVisions Of A Sunset
15Kashief LindoMy Cherie Amour
16Kashief LindoDon't Leave Me This Way
17Kashief LindoColdest Days


Heavy Beat Records CD October,  1997

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Kashief Lindo

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