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Black Lion - Better Place

Black Lion - Better Place

Black Lion - Better Place

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Released in November 2006


N. Artist(s) Title
1Black Lionintro
2Black Lionwork system
3Black Lioncold nite
4Black Lionpush lady push
5Black Liontake me
6Black Lionwhatever u want
7Black Lionbetter palace
8Black Lioncruzing
9Black Lionbabylon
10Black Lionout & bad
11Black Lionrough rough time
12Black Liongwann gwann
13Black Lion1963
14Black Lionnaw bound
15Black Lionmine the youth
16Black Liongood looking
17Black Lionmy love
18Black Lionrasta no robbery


Liji Productions CD November,  2006

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  • Black Lion - Better PlaceBlack Lion - Better Place


Black Lion

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