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Queen Omega - Servant Of Jah Army

Queen Omega - Servant Of Jah Army

Queen Omega - Servant Of Jah Army

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Released in June 2008


Artist/Band: Queen Omega
Album name: Servant Of Jah Army

Produced by Mad Professor.
Recorded at Ariwa Sounds Studios.
Mxed by Mad Professor and Joe Ariwa.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Queen OmegaWorks To Do
2Queen OmegaJah Army
3Queen OmegaNever Run From Jah
4Queen OmegaRocking And Popping
5Queen OmegaTaking Lives
6Queen OmegaMe No Frighten
7Queen OmegaI Love You
8Queen OmegaLook In The Mirror
9Queen OmegaFolly
10Queen OmegaWicked Man
11Queen OmegaBrighter Day
12Queen OmegaMarching, Marching


Ariwa CD June,  2008
Ariwa LP June,  2008

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  • Queen Omega - DestinyQueen Omega - Destiny
  • Queen Omega - Servant Of Jah ArmyQueen Omega - Servant Of Jah Army


Queen Omega

Queen Omega photo

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