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Heptones (the) - Meets The Now Generation

Heptones (the) - Meets The Now Generation

Heptones (the) - Meets The Now Generation

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Released in April 2009


Artist/Band: Heptones (the)
Album name: Meets The Now Generation

The Heptones and their friends.
Produced by Joe Gibbs.
Originally released in 1972 by Trojan.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Heptones (the)Hypocrite
2Heptones (the)Save The Last Dance
3Heptones (the)Our Day Will Come
4Heptones (the)Freedom To The People
5Heptones (the) & Freedom Train (feat. U Roy)
6Heptones (the)Every Day And Every Night
7Heptones (the)Love Has Many Faces
8Heptones (the)Be The One
9Heptones (the)The Road Is Rough (feat. Joe Gibbs & Now Generation)
10Heptones (the)The Magnificent Heptones (3 In 1)
11Heptones (the) & Dennis AlcaponeGeorge Headley Medley (feat. Dennis Alcapone)
12Heptones (the)I've Got A A Feeling


17 North Parade (VP records) CD July,  2009

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Heptones (the)

Heptones (the) photo

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