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Heptones (the) - Sipple Out Deh

Heptones (the) - Sipple Out Deh

Heptones (the) - Sipple Out Deh

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Released in August 2010

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Heptones (the)
Album name: Sipple Out Deh

The Black Ark Years. The Jamaican 7"s.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Lee Perry & Enter The Dragon (feat. The Upsetters)
2Susan CadoganHurt So Good
3Lee PerryBabylon A Fall - Watty Burnett
4Junior BylesCurly Locks
5Lee Perry & Junior BylesDreader Locks (feat. Junior Byles)
6Lee Perry & Stay Dread (feat. The Upsetters)
7Susan CadoganDo It Baby
8Junior BylesThe Long Way
9Max RomeoThree Blind Mice
10King TubbyThree Times Three
11Upsetters (the)Bury The Razor
12Lee PerryDown Here In Babylon - Brent Dowe
13Lee PerryBe Thankful For What You've Got - Bunny Clarke
14Jimmy RileyWoman Gotta Have Love
15Lee PerryBush Weed Corntrash - Bunny & Ricky
16Lee PerryRoast Fish & Cornbread
17Max RomeoSipple Out Deh (Jamaican Mix)
18Prince JazzboItal Corner
19Junior MurvinPolice & Thieves (Single Version)
20Lee PerryWhite Belly Rat
21Heptones (the)Sufferer's Time
22Lee PerryA Wat Dat (7" Version) - Junior Dread
23Gregory IsaacsMr. Cop
24Augustus PabloVibrate On
25Lee PerryBetter Future - Errol Walker
26Heptones (the)Mistry Babylon
27Lee PerryStand Up - Eric Donaldson
28Meditations (the)No Peace
29Lee PerryEthiopia Land - Pete & Paul Lewis
30Leo GrahamMy Little Sandra
31Lee PerryGreen Bay Incident - Lord Sassafrass
32Meditations (the)Think So
33Lee PerryHome Gard - Michael Campbell
34Lee PerryTravelling - Debra Keese & The Black Five
35Lee PerryPeace And Love - Shaumark & Robinson
36Lee PerryDread At The Control - Michael Campbell
37Lee PerryForward With Jah Orthodox - Mystic I
38Lee PerryLand Of Love - The Sons Of Light
39Lee PerryBrother Noah - The Black Shadows
40Lee PerryThanks And Praise - Junior Ainsworth
41Lee PerryMr. Money Man - Danny Hensworth
42Junior MurvinCross Over
43Lee PerryGuideline - George Faith
44Heptones (the)Babylon Falling


Trojan CD August,  2010

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Heptones (the)

Heptones (the) photo

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