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Hollie Cook - Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook - Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook - Hollie Cook

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Released in June 2011


N. Artist(s) Title
1Hollie CookMilk & Honey
2Hollie CookThat Very Night
3Hollie CookWalking In The Sand
4Hollie CookCry (feat. Horseman) (Disco Mix)
5Hollie CookIt's So Different Here
6Hollie CookSugar Water (Look At My Face) (feat. Horseman)
7Hollie CookShadow Kissing
8Hollie CookUsed To Be
9Hollie CookBody Beat (feat. Horseman)
10Hollie CookCry (feat. Horseman) (Vocal Mix)


Mr Bongo CD June,  2011
Mr Bongo LP June,  2011
Mr Bongo Digital release June,  2011

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Hollie Cook Debut Album
By Erik Magni on 18 Aug 2011 - 2620 views
Beautiful debut album from Hollie Cook.

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Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook photo

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