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Zion Train - Dub Revolutionaries

Zion Train - Dub Revolutionaries

Zion Train - Dub Revolutionaries

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Released in June 2011

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Zion Train
Album name: Dub Revolutionaries

The Very Best Of Zion Train.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Zion TrainDub Power
2Zion TrainDub To Power
3Zion TrainRoss Ice Shelf
4Zion TrainFox
5Zion TrainCuttlefish
6Zion TrainThrough The Legs/Scottish Warrior
7Zion TrainRadio 1 Peel Session)
8Zion TrainGet Ready
9Zion TrainFollow like Wolves
10Zion TrainEagle Ray
11Zion TrainThe Healing Of The Nation
12Zion TrainDance Of Life
13Zion TrainBabylon's Burning
1Zion TrainProcession
2Zion TrainSpeaker Shaker
3Zion TrainWar In Babylon
4Zion TrainFly
5Zion TrainHailing Up The Selector
6Zion TrainKing Of The Sound and Blues
7Zion TrainLove Revolutionaries
8Zion TrainCan't Keep A Good Man Down
9Zion TrainTerror Talk
10Zion TrainBaby Father
11Zion TrainGive Me Good Sensi
12Zion TrainDub That I Choose (Prof Skank Remix)


Nascente CD June,  2011

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Dub Revolutionaries by Zion Train
By Karl Pearson on 05 Jul 2011 - 2541 views
2CD "best of" from one of the most forward thinking British reggae influenced acts of the last 20ish...

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Zion Train

Zion Train photo

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