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Talisman - Don't Play with Fyah

Talisman - Don't Play with Fyah

Talisman - Don't Play with Fyah

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Released in March 2017


N. Artist(s) Title
2TalismanTalkin' Revolution
3TalismanShe Look Like Reggae
4TalismanDon't Play with Fyah
5TalismanHear No Evil
6TalismanRacism Never Sleep
7TalismanWheel and Come Again
8TalismanRelijan Dub
9TalismanRevolutionary Dub
10TalismanShe Look Like Dub
11TalismanDon't Play with Dub
12TalismanHear No Dub
13TalismanRacism Never Dub
14TalismanWheel and Dub Again


Sugar Shack Records Digital release March,  2017

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  • Talisman - Dole AgeTalisman - Dole Age
  • Talisman - Takin The StrainTalisman - Takin The Strain
  • Talisman - Don't Play with FyahTalisman - Don't Play with Fyah



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