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Burning Spear Biography


Burning Spear Photo

Burning Spear, biography

Singer - Real name: Winston Rodney

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Burning Spear Biography

Burning Spear aka Winston Rodney is a jamaican roots reggae singer and musician. He’s a live legend of reggae music and has influenced several artists.

He was born in 1945 in Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica. He released his first single, 'Door peep' in 1969 on Studio One thanks to Bob Marley who introduced him to the mythic studio. He also recorded his two first albums, Burning Spear in 1973 and Rocking Time in 1974 on the same label before collaborating with Island label which released no less than six of his albums (as Marcus Garvey and Man in The Hills) between 1975 and 1979. Since his career beginning, Burning Spear has always promoted rasta values such as honesty, peace & love and has always defended black unity. He makes a part of this artists who bring reggae to the attention of international audiences. That's why he received a Grammy Awards in 1999 with Calling Rastafari. Until the 70's he has founded his own production, Burning Music Productions and label Burning Spear, with his wife Sonia Rodney on which he keeps on releasing his new albums. Nowadays, the veteran pursues to sing his hits and more recent songs on world stages, still spreading reggae vibes.

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