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Nesbeth Biography

Nesbeth grew up in the urban Arnett Gardens neighborhood of West Kingston on the island of Jamaica, referred to as “The Concrete Jungle” because of high crime rates and widespread economic hardship. Throughout his childhood, music was the sun in his life, and his curiosity about using it to communicate and to offer comfort to himself and others grew as he began to experiment with recording and discover his own voice.

Nesbeth recorded his first single, “Reflection of Love” in 1993 with singer Camera. His music has been released by labels such as Jack Scorpio, No Doubt Records, Down Sound Records and Shocking Vibes Production, a company that produced Nesbeth’s single “So Let It Be” in 2002. In early 2007, he was introduced to music producer Flava McGregor, with whom he has recorded over 10 songs, such as “Board House,” “Guns Out,” “Friends for Sale,” “Drive By” and “A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live.” During the past two decades, Nesbeth has been a force at international festivals such as Reggae Sumfest, Bob Marley Birthday Bash, STING, Rebel Salute, Irie Jamborie in New York City, Summerfest in Washington, D.C., New Jersey Reggae Fest and has played shows at venues in Ottawa, Canada, Antigua, Saint Kitts, Anguilla, Grenada and cities throughout the United Kingdom. In February 2010, he hosted “A Nuh Suh Mi Waan Live,” a love and unity concert in the Arnett Gardens community where he and other native artists performed. 

He also won a 2013 Manchester Award along with an honorary award at the 2013 Music Industry Achievers.

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