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Tamika Biography

Tamika born and raised in Virgina (U.S.A.) by a single mother with her four siblings. She grew up with different music influences and was inspired by many different genres and artists from Soul and Gospel, HipHop to Rhythm & Blues and Reggae music.

After moving to Germany, she sang in a club for live music on the weekends until she could pursue another musical avenue. She became a background singer for the Reggae artist Gentleman in 2002. She regularly performed her solo songs during the set in front of thousands of people. Between 2004 and 2008 her voice was a part of different music projects like the "Tough Enough" Album which was produced by The Far East Band. She also became a member of "Sisters", who in 2008, released an album which is called "Gender Riots" Echo Beach / Indigo. Together with Mamadee, Tamika released the EP "Good Days" in 2008 as a digital release with Soundquake and as a physical release with Pow Pow Productions. She has now gathered different inspirations that lead to her debut album 'PIECE OF MIND' which will be released in March 2012. Produced by Firehouse, PowPow, Tune In Crew, Oneness, Bazzazian, ALTAFAAN, Kevin Mccoy, Big Finga, Born Free, and Thorsten Haas.

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