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Yabby You - Jah Will Be Done

Yabby You - Jah Will Be Done

Yabby You - Jah Will Be Done

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Released in 1997


Artist/Band: Yabby You
Album name: Jah Will Be Done

Produced by Vivian Jackson.
Backed by The Prophets.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Yabby YouKibir Amlak
2Yabby YouPray On
3Yabby YouRock My Soul
4Yabby YouSurvival of the Fittest
5Yabby YouFish & Bread
6Yabby You & Jah Army Band (feat. Ray-I)
7Yabby YouMy Forefathers
8Yabby YouHoly Mount Zion I
9Yabby YouI Come Not
10Yabby You & Key Man (feat. Ray-I)
11Yabby YouGet Lost Babylon
12Yabby You & Prince JazzboPick the Beam; 13. All Nations Have to Bow (feat. Prince Jazzbo)
13Yabby You & Living Upright (feat. Ray-I)
14Yabby YouPersian Version
15Yabby YouJudgement Dub
16Yabby YouHills of Zion Dub


Prophet CD  1997

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  • Dread Prophecy: The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby YouDread Prophecy: The Strange And Wonderful Story Of Yabby You


Yabby You

Yabby You photo


Born in 1946

Died in 2010

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