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Junior Ross And The Spear & Prince Alla - I Can Hear The Children Singing

Junior Ross And The Spear & Prince Alla - I Can Hear The Children Singing

Junior Ross And The Spear & Prince Alla - I Can Hear The Children Singing

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Released in 2002

Reissue of Prince Alla - Heaven Is My Roof (1978)


Artist/Band: Junior Ross And The Spear & Prince Alla
Album name: I Can Hear The Children Singing

Reissue of albums "Heaven Is My Roof " (1978) by Prince Alla and "Babylon Fall" (1976) by Junior Ross, both produced by Tappa Zukie.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Prince AllaBosrah (extended)
2Prince AllaFuneral (extended)
3Prince AllaGo Down In Silence
4Prince AllaSlave Master
5Prince AllaGold Diver
6Prince AllaHeaven Is My Roof
7Prince Alla"
8Prince Alla"
9Prince AllaJah Jah Bird
10Prince AllaGo To School
11Prince AllaJust One Way
12Junior Ross And The SpearJudgement Time (extended)
13Junior Ross And The SpearMan From Zion
14Junior Ross And The Spear"
15Junior Ross And The Spear"
16Junior Ross And The SpearYou Can't Run
17Junior Ross And The SpearRough Way Ahead
18Junior Ross And The SpearJah Love (extended)
19Junior Ross And The SpearLiberty
20Junior Ross And The Spear & Tappa ZukieFreedom Fe Natty (feat. Tappa Zukie)
21Junior Ross And The SpearAfrican Border
22Junior Ross And The SpearSo Jah Jah Say (extended)
23Junior Ross And The SpearHold Them Prophecy (extended)
24Junior Ross And The SpearBabylon Fall (extended)


Blood and Fire CD  2002


Junior Ross And The Spear

Junior Ross And The Spear photo

Prince Alla

Prince Alla photo

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