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Cornel Campbell - Natty Dread

Cornel Campbell - Natty Dread

Cornel Campbell - Natty Dread

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Released in 2005

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Cornel Campbell
Album name: Natty Dread



N. Artist(s) Title
1Cornel CampbellGirl Of My Dreams
2Cornel CampbellStars
3Cornel CampbellThe Gorgon
4Cornel CampbellDance In A Greenwich Farm
5Cornel CampbellThe Conquering Gorgon
6Cornel CampbellGun Court Law
7Cornel CampbellThey Can't Get Me Out
8Cornel CampbellNatty Dread In A Greenwich Farm
9Cornel CampbellPress Along Natty Dread
10Cornel CampbellGive Me Strength Oh Jah
11Cornel CampbellThe Gorgon Is The Ruler
12Cornel CampbellStay Down Babylon
13Cornel CampbellJah Jah A Go Beat Them
14Cornel CampbellI'll Mash You Down
15Cornel CampbellPlease Be True
16Cornel CampbellWherever I Lay My Hat
17Cornel CampbellI've Got To Keep Running
18Cornel CampbellDuke Of Earl (original)
19Cornel CampbellThe Sun
20Cornel CampbellWhenever You Need Me
21Cornel CampbellHeading For The Mountain
22Cornel CampbellWolf In Sheeps Clothing
23Cornel CampbellRasta Come From Jail
24Cornel CampbellNatty Dread
25Cornel CampbellMy Sweet Baby
26Cornel CampbellGo To Tell The People
27Cornel CampbellMalicious World
28Cornel CampbellI'll Never Let Go
29Cornel CampbellPress Along Natty
30Cornel CampbellFight Against Corruption
31Cornel CampbellTrick In The Book
32Cornel CampbellBoxing
33Cornel CampbellRope In
34Cornel CampbellChatty Chatty Too Much
35Cornel CampbellMy Love For You
36Cornel CampbellEverybody Want Promotion
37Cornel CampbellHypocrites
38Cornel CampbellNo Man's Land
39Cornel CampbellJah Jah Me No Horn Yah
40Cornel CampbellThe Gorgon Is Back
41Cornel CampbellConfusion On The Land
42Cornel CampbellMy Guiding Star
43Cornel CampbellThe Drifter
44Cornel CampbellQueen Of The Minstrel
45Cornel CampbellBe True To Me
46Cornel CampbellHard Headed Israelites (aka Follow Instruction)


Trojan CD  2005

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  • Cornel Campbell - Cornel CampbellCornel Campbell - Cornel Campbell
  • Cornel Campbell - Natty Dread In A Greenwich FarmCornel Campbell - Natty Dread In A Greenwich Farm
  • Cornel Campbell - Dance In A Greenwich FarmCornel Campbell - Dance In A Greenwich Farm
  • Cornel Campbell - The GorgonCornel Campbell - The Gorgon
  • Cornel Campbell - StalowattCornel Campbell - Stalowatt
  • Cornel Campbell - Turn Back The Hands Of TimeCornel Campbell - Turn Back The Hands Of Time
  • Cornel Campbell - SuperstarCornel Campbell - Superstar
  • Cornel Campbell - Sweet BabyCornel Campbell - Sweet Baby
  • Cornel Campbell - Yes I WillCornel Campbell - Yes I Will
  • Cornel Campbell - The Inspector GeneralCornel Campbell - The Inspector General
  • Cornel Campbell - Ropin'Cornel Campbell - Ropin'
  • Cornel Campbell - Reggae SunCornel Campbell - Reggae Sun
  • Cornel Campbell - BoxingCornel Campbell - Boxing
  • Cornel Campbell - Boxing RoundCornel Campbell - Boxing Round
  • Cornel Campbell - What's Happening To MeCornel Campbell - What's Happening To Me
  • Cornel Campbell - Follow InstructionsCornel Campbell - Follow Instructions
  • Cornel Campbell - MoneyCornel Campbell - Money
  • Johnny Clarke & Cornel Campbell - Johnnie Clarke Meets Cornel CampbellJohnny Clarke & Cornel Campbell - Johnnie Clarke Meets Cornel Campbell
  • Cornel Campbell -  Fight Against CorruptionCornel Campbell - Fight Against Corruption
  • Cornel Campbell & Gaylads (the) - Cornel Campbell Meets The GayladsCornel Campbell & Gaylads (the) - Cornel Campbell Meets The Gaylads
  • Junior Reid & Cornel Campbell - Double TopJunior Reid & Cornel Campbell - Double Top
  • Cornel Campbell - Press Along NattyCornel Campbell - Press Along Natty
  • Cornel Campbell - Silver JubileeCornel Campbell - Silver Jubilee
  • Cornel Campbell - Sweet Dancehall CollectionCornel Campbell - Sweet Dancehall Collection
  • Cornel Campbell - Tell The PeopleCornel Campbell - Tell The People
  • Cornel Campbell - Magic SpellCornel Campbell - Magic Spell
  • Cornel Campbell - Sings Hits From Studio One And MoreCornel Campbell - Sings Hits From Studio One And More
  • Cornel Campbell - I Shall Not RemoveCornel Campbell - I Shall Not Remove
  • Cornel Campbell - The MinstrelCornel Campbell - The Minstrel
  • Cornel Campbell - Big ThingsCornel Campbell - Big Things
  • Barry Brown & Cornel Campbell - Barry Brown Meets Cornel CampbellBarry Brown & Cornel Campbell - Barry Brown Meets Cornel Campbell
  • Cornel Campbell - My ConfessionCornel Campbell - My Confession
  • Cornel Campbell - Original Blue RecordingsCornel Campbell - Original Blue Recordings
  • Cornel Campbell - Natty DreadCornel Campbell - Natty Dread
  • Cornel Campbell - My DestinationCornel Campbell - My Destination
  • Cornel Campbell - Very BestCornel Campbell - Very Best
  • Cornel Campbell - Rock My SoulCornel Campbell - Rock My Soul
  • Cornel Campbell - The Gorgon DubwiseCornel Campbell - The Gorgon Dubwise
  • Cornel Campbell - LegendCornel Campbell - Legend


Cornel Campbell

Cornel Campbell photo


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