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Black Dillinger - Love Life

Black Dillinger - Love Life

Black Dillinger - Love Life

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Released in December 2009


N. Artist(s) Title
1Black DillingerFrom A Place
2Black DillingerLove Life
3Black DillingerRealize
4Black DillingerDem A Pressure We
5Black DillingerOne Big Nation
6Black DillingerIt's All Right
7Black DillingerNo More Ur Desire
8Black DillingerSexy Girls
9Black Dillinger & Rebellion The RecallerWe Will Overcome (feat. Rebellion The Recaller)
10Black DillingerHumble Yourself
11Black DillingerIts Been A While
12Black DillingerAmerica
13Black Dillinger & Cali POnly Jah Knows (feat. Cali P)
14Black Dillinger & Give Thanx (feat. Crosby)
15Black DillingerFreight Not Yourself
16Black DillingerIts Me Again
17Black DillingerRed Gold & Green (feat. Terror Fabulous)
18Black Dillinger & Love For You (feat. Yah Meek)
19Black Dillinger & Mark WonderBingi Chant (feat. Mark Wonder)
20Black DillingerTo The King Of Creation


IMmusic CD December,  2009

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  • Black Dillinger - Live And LearnBlack Dillinger - Live And Learn
  • Black Dillinger - Love LifeBlack Dillinger - Love Life


Black Dillinger

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Nkululeko Madolo

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