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Alborosie - Dub Clash

Alborosie - Dub Clash

Alborosie - Dub Clash

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Released in October 2010


Artist/Band: Alborosie
Album name: Dub Clash

Dub versions, recorded and mixed by Alborosie in his Shengen Studio.


N. Artist(s) Title
1AlborosieTribute To The King
2AlborosieMarcus Dub
3AlborosieDubbing Kingston
4AlborosieCocaine & Dub
5AlborosieMinstrel Of Dub
6AlborosieAugustus Legacy
7AlborosieSelassie I Son
8AlborosieCan’t Stand Dub
9AlborosieDub In Baltimore
10AlborosieSend Dem Come Dub
11AlborosieLoudness Is My Drug
12AlborosieGlobal Dub
13AlborosieReal Dub Story
14AlborosieSpace Echo Malfunction
15AlborosieDubbing In Love
16AlborosieDouble Bubble


JDF CD October,  2010

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Alborosie photo


Alberto Dascola

Born in 1977

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