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General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove

General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove

General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove

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Released in December 2011


N. Artist(s) Title
1General SmileyI Wish (No More War)
2General SmileyLove
3General SmileyThe Jungle
4General SmileySight Dem Up
5General SmileyCusty
6General Smiley & Sylford WalkerUnity Chant (feat. Sylford Walker)
7General SmileyFinally
8General SmileyNatty Natty
9General SmileyWatch It Dub
10General SmileySight Dub
11General SmileyWishful Dub
12General SmileyFamily Dub
13General SmileyOver in the Dub
14General SmileyBlaze Up a Dub
15General SmileyGibraltar Dub
16General SmileyFinale Dub


Charlie's Records Digital release December,  2011
Charlie's Records Digital release January,  2012

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General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove
By Erik Magni on 23 Jan 2012 - 2459 views
An uncompromising roots reggae album from General Smiley.

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  • General Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub CoveGeneral Smiley Meets McPullish At Dub Cove


General Smiley

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