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Beres Hammond - One Love, One Life

Beres Hammond - One Love, One Life

Beres Hammond - One Love, One Life

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Released in November 2012


Artist/Band: Beres Hammond
Album name: One Love, One Life

Produced by Beres Hammond.
Recorded and mixed at Harmony House Recording Studio, Kingston.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Beres HammondStill Searching
2Beres HammondYou Feel Like Dancing
3Beres HammondNo Candle Light
4Beres HammondCan't Waste No Time
5Beres HammondIn My Arms
6Beres HammondCrazy Dream
7Beres HammondLonley Fellow
8Beres HammondMore Time
9Beres HammondCan't Make Blood Outta Stone
10Beres HammondOne Love One Life
11Beres HammondYou Stand Alone
12Beres HammondFamily
13Beres HammondThe Truth Will Live On
14Beres HammondPrime Time
15Beres HammondMy Life
16Beres HammondKeep Me Warm
17Beres HammondThe Song
18Beres HammondShouldn't Be
19Beres HammondI Humble Myself


Harmony House Productions CD November,  2012

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Beres Hammond

Beres Hammond photo


Hugh Beresford Hammond

Born in 1955

Member of: Zap Pow

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