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Taj Weekes - Janjaweed - 2011

Taj Weekes - Janjaweed - 2011

Video: Taj Weekes - Janjaweed - 2011

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Taj Weekes & Adowa present "Janjaweed" from the album "A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen" on Jatta Records. "Janjaweed" is being released to commemorate the independence of the Republic of South Sudan. The realization of this historic day is a testament to the tireless efforts of the people of South Sudan in their search for peace. However, widespread violence against civilians continues in several regions in Sudan, threatening to undermine a fragile peace. This video touches on the horror and violence the people of South Sudan and Eastern Chad have endured for decades at the hands of the janjaweed, nomadic Arabic gunmen or so called "devils who ride on horseback." This animated video only hints at the gruesome story that lies behind the name but presents the issue so that those who want to know more may seek it out themselves. For many, this song and video will be the first time they will hear of the janjaweed and the devastation they have been perpetrating in Africa for nearly a decade.

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Taj Weekes and Adowa

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