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Interview: Matisyahu
By Erik Magni on 16 Apr 2013
"My life is still centered on God"
Interview: Ras Daniel Ray and Tu Shung Peng
By Franck Blanquin on 14 Apr 2013
"Our mission is to give another light to the roots music"
Interview: Hal Lewinson from The Fantels
By Ingmar Hugen on 13 Apr 2013
"We liked the sound that Joe Gibbs had at that time"
Interview: Curtis Lynch on Gregory Isaacs
By Angus Taylor on 11 Apr 2013
"Mr Clarke never opens his catalogue to anyone. I was like a kid in a sweet shop"
Interviews: Back To Africa Festival 2013
By Angus Taylor on 04 Apr 2013
"It's a dream that's reached the next level of reality"
Interview: Kubix
By Franck Blanquin on 01 Apr 2013
"Jamaican artists don't hesitate to choose French backing bands for their shows over Europe"
Interview: Chris Lane, Reggae Writer (Part 2)
By Angus Taylor on 31 Mar 2013
"The thing about Jamaican music is that it wasn't ever just about the music"
Interview: Chris Lane, Reggae Writer
By Angus Taylor on 24 Mar 2013
"I went from something that I sort of enjoyed to something I enjoyed a lot more"
Interview: Captain Sinbad
By Erik Magni on 19 Mar 2013
"Frenchie loves the music and he's a popular producer in Jamaica"
Interview: Alpha Blondy Gives Thanks and Praise to the Lord
By Gerard McMahon on 12 Mar 2013
"There are so many things that reggae can bring and give to the youth besides the smoking of ganja"
Interview: Winston McAnuff in Gambia
By Angus Taylor on 10 Mar 2013
"Every adversity carries with it a seed of equivalent benefit"
Raiders Of The Lost Archives Part 2: Digikiller Records
By Seb Carayol on 01 Mar 2013
"Trust me, we have tons of music yet to release"
Interview: Etana (2013)
By Angus Taylor on 25 Feb 2013
"This is 2013, and back in the days women in the industry were afraid to have children"
Interview: Al Fingers on Clarks in Jamaica
By Angus Taylor on 24 Feb 2013
"In Jamaica Clarks are worn by gangsters... but people in England perceive them as a sensible shoe...
Interview: G Mac
By Judah on 23 Feb 2013
"The lyrics of my songs come from lifestyle of people in and around the world"

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