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Marcus Gad Meets Tamal - Enter A Space EP

Marcus Gad Meets Tamal - Enter A Space EP

Marcus Gad Meets Tamal - Enter A Space EP

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New Ep from the New Calendonian singer.


Marcus Gad Meets Tamal - Enter A SpaceEvery so often - but all too rarely - a new artist enters the reggae stratosphere and makes you sit up and listen. Marcus Gad is now that artist. 

Gad’s new release - with his Parisian friend Tamal - the roots-based Enter A Space EP, is a cracker. It’s a real gem. It opens with the title track bouncing the listener into a different dimension, with its rootsy, soulful melodic tone accompanied by lyrics that nod to Selassie and much more besides. Its effect reminds one of the late Bob Marley’s comment on the power of philosophy, as being ‘light as a feather, but heavy as lead’. 

This New Calendonian artist then unleashes River, via a deceptively delicate piano entrée, before straying into hip-hop style delivery, with the odd church bell gong underlining the spiritual substance to the artist’s message. Gad’s ‘river’ does what rivers do, as they ‘hold on to nothing and flow to the sea’. This track is inspired by the Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedenta, that chides materialistic man, without ramming any righteous religion down your throat. Thereafter Live Up To The Day ably mixes a range of instrumental effects in ‘constant transformation’ - including desert blues - as Gad’s voice rises and falls,  but all the while holds the centre solid to maximum effect. This sets the scene for I Want To Know, where the artist gives further vent to his appreciation of mother nature’s many gifts, with musical vibes and effects that could have been stretched to a cluster of tracks, but remain tightly packaged herein. The EP’s penultimate track, entitled Inna Nature, features Losso Keita, bringing a substantial African sound to complement Gad’s capable delivery of ‘fire inna water’, alongside a host of other natural effects. The compilation closes with Prayers. Given the spiritual orientation of this collection, it’s an entirely appropriate label for Gad’s astute advice that one will ‘face the consequences of his action’, whilst extolling the virtues of ‘conscious meditation’, set to a clever array of instruments.

If Gad can maintain this quality of musical output, he is going to reach stellar heights in the reggae arena – and hopefully beyond. He is shortly due to embark on an extensive tour. If you would like to Enter A Space with uplifting effects of earth moving proportions, this is surely a gig to get to.

Enter A Space was released on March 1st, 2019 and is available from Baco Records on digital download.

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