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Top 25 Reggae Albums of 2013
By Erik Magni on 02 Jan 2014
2013 has been a strong year for reggae music.
Top 50 Reggae Tunes of 2013
By Erik Magni on 30 Dec 2013
50 best singles and one riddim album cuts released over the year.
RasItes - Reason Time
By Erik Magni on 28 Dec 2013
Revolution, rock, reggae from UK’s RasItes.
Alborosie - Dub the System
By Erik Magni on 26 Dec 2013
Alborosie dubs the system.
Masterpiece - Created by David Rodigan
By Erik Magni on 19 Dec 2013
Get to know the music that shaped David Rodigan.
Mikey General - Hailelujah Song
By Erik Magni on 16 Dec 2013
Mikey General’s most solid album in years.
Luciano - The Qabalah Man
By Erik Magni on 06 Dec 2013
Luciano maintains his high standards on new album.
Raphael - Mind VS Heart
By Erik Magni on 01 Dec 2013
A positive solo debut from Raphael.
Eek-A-Mouse - Eek-Ology
By Erik Magni on 29 Nov 2013
Eek-A-Mouse's long career showcased on new compilation.
Kabaka Pyramid - Lead the Way
By Erik Magni on 24 Nov 2013
Kabaka Pyramid has come a long way.
Christopher Ellis - Better Than Love EP
By Erik Magni on 22 Nov 2013
Christopher Ellis carries his father’s legacy.
Ackboo - Turn Up the Amplifier
By Erik Magni on 21 Nov 2013
Ackboo turns up the amplifier.
Vybz Kartel - Kartel Forever: Trilogy
By Erik Magni on 07 Nov 2013
A dancehall overdose from Vybz Kartel.
AMJ Collective - Sign
By Erik Magni on 07 Nov 2013
An inspired and ambient debut from AMJ Collective.
Milton Henry - Branches and Leaves
By Erik Magni on 03 Nov 2013
Milton Henry’s Branches and Leaves is a connection between generations.

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