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Kristine Alicia - Songs From Zion

Kristine Alicia - Songs From Zion

Kristine Alicia - Songs From Zion

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Kristine Alicia’s Songs From Zion is a masterpiece.


My first encounter with Jamaican vocalist Kristine Alicia was two years ago when she was featured on Rory Stone Love’s two one riddim compilations Braveheart and Zeen. She was responsible for two of the strongest cuts on those and I was blown away by her strong and confident voice.

Kristine Alicia - Songs from ZionNow her new album has been put out and with this set she relaunches her career with a rootsy sound. And the first single off the album is Roll It, a tribute to all reggae DJs who have helped the genre to reach a global audience. Roll It is easy-going with a laid-back atmosphere. The full album shows a different side of Kristine Alice. A more melancholic side.

Songs From Zion is a stunning set. I dare to say that it’s breathtaking from start to finish and I have had it on repeat for several days.

Rory Stone Love has created a full-sounding and dub-infused sonic landscape over which Kristine Alicia sings earnest and sincere. It’s intimate and you can feel every syllable on a track like Key Lock, with its call and response chorus and dramatic production.

Other highlights include the pulsating Valley Song, which is a remake of the classic Cuss Cuss riddim, the bombastic Come Home Natty, where she provides a bit of deejaying, the devout My King and the up-tempo and uplifting Follow with its powerful chorus.

Kristine Alicia, who is a trained pianist and has released a gospel- inspired reggae album, is a remarkable singer and together with Rory Stone Love she has created a musical masterpiece.

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Kristine Alicia is relaunching her melodic profession with the pending arrival of her sophomore collection Songs from Zion. 2d animation video. Her 2008 set Get Ready, delivered by Jamaican gospel stalwart Nigel Lewis, earned eight selections for the 2009 Marlin Awards. Kristine won Artist of the Year and Female Vocal Performance of the Year.

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Such an incredible collection all around from a stunning craftsman. There is no voice like Kristine Alicia! Her voice is a fortune. This collection is so one of a kind with such a capable message! The verses are okay, the instrumental vibes are crude and Animated Video Company valid and the delightful soul that you encounter behind the voice as you listen is uncommon.

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