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Romain Virgo (2009) | Romain Virgo | 840

Romain Virgo (2009)


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Posted by melissa looby on 07.16.2011
Hi, i love you so much!

Posted by brayoh drake on 12.06.2011
Big up!

Posted by lilian mayindo on 04.02.2012
Jus a handshake from Romain Virgo to me will be a dream come true. I adore you, mob luv Romain.

Posted by michelle malcolm on 02.21.2013
Romain Virgo keep up the good work. I am your biggest fan. I like that song that you did cry tears for you.
From your number one Michelle Malcolm.

Posted by Trudi ann Morris on 03.12.2013
Romain Virgo this is your biggest fan.Of course i love your song like i don\'t know what.Keep up the good work and make Jamaica proud.

Posted by Samira Valji on 06.30.2013
I love so much R.V. You make my day.

Posted by JUNIOR BLACK on 12.10.2013

Posted by SABBY MAKGALEMELE on 03.11.2016
If I was wealthy, I would have him sing at my wedding. That would make my day, NO MY ENTIRE LIFE .

Posted by jabulani sibanda on 03.14.2016
Man you are baddah dan dem!

Posted by Lavinia on 06.09.2016
I hate my life but at least this makes it belberaa.

Posted by Rangler on 06.09.2016
Heck yeah this is exctaly what I needed.

Posted by Scout on 06.13.2016
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Posted by Henrietta on 06.21.2016
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