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Abyssinians Biography


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Abyssinians, biography

Group - Born, 1968 - Group members: Bernard Collins

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Abyssinians Biography

The Abyssinians is a vocal trio well known for his beautiful roots harmony and his spiritual essence.

The band, formed in 1968 by Donald Manning, Bernard Collins and Linford Manning, released one year later the mythic “Satta Massagana”. This song, based on the Ethiopian Amharic language is an anthem of reggae music. The Abyssinians released their debut album, "Satta Massagana", which includes only hits such as "Declaration of Rights", "Forward To Zion", "Abendigo" and "African Race", in 1975. Followed "Arise" in 1978, an album in the same style that the previous one, with beautiful harmonies and deep messages as "This Land Is For Everyone" and "Wicked Men (a.k.a. Leggo Beast)" prove it. The group separated in 1980 but Donald Manning with his brother Carlton Manning and David Morrison pursued to perform internationally under the name The Abyssinians whereas Bernard Collins performed on stage with George Henry. Nine years later, the original trio joined together again and recorded, “$19.95 + Tax” which has only been released in 1996. Nowadays, Donal Manning & Bernard Collins are performing tours in many countries along with singer David Morrison.

The Abyssinians is one of the most spiritual reggae band but also one of the greatest in the history of Jamaican music. They continually spread love, faith and peace message through out their songs.

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