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Black Uhuru Biography


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Black Uhuru, biography

Group - Group members: Don Carlos, Michael Rose, Junior Reid, Andrew Bees

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Black Uhuru Biography

Even if the band has known different formations, Black Uhuru is a live legend of reggae music.
The group was formed in 1974 in Jamaica by Euvin 'Don Carlos' Spencer, Rudolph 'Garth' Dennis, and Derrick 'Duckie' Simpson. Don Carlos left the band to pursue a solo career and Garth Dennis joined the Wailing Souls. Alone, Duckie Simpson was joined by Michael Rose, Errol "Jay" Wilson and the Sly & Robbie duo. They released their first album « Love Crisis » in 1977. When Sandra 'Puma' Jones joined the group in 1978 replacing Errol Wilson, their best albums were released as Showcase, Sinsemilia, Red and Anthem. In 1984, Michael Rose left the band too and was soon replaced by Junior Reid. Black Uhuru, with the bobo as lead vocal released two albums, Brutal and  Positive before he also left the band. Because of quarrels, the group teared up then reformed. That’s why, after reintegrating the band, Don Carlos then Andrew Bees definitively left the band. Since 2004, Michael Rose, following his solo career, is back as Black Uhuru's lead vocal. Black Uhuru is a group who got a particular style. Some people even says that at their beginning, they revolutionized reggae music with their own sound and vibrancies !

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