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Winston Jarrett - Wise Man

Winston Jarrett - Wise Man

Winston Jarrett - Wise Man

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Released in 1979


 Winston Jarrett - Wise Man

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Artist/Band: Winston Jarrett
Album name: Wise Man

Produced by Roy Cousins.
Recorded at Channel One and King Tubbys' studios by Crucial Bunny.
Backed by The Forces Of Music and The Roots Radics.

The two different releases on Tamoki Wamesi (1979 and 1989) are different. On the second release (1989), there are two more songs: 'Sleeping In The Park' and 'Badness'.
On the first release (1979), the song 'Wise Man' is in original version while on the second it is the maxi version (not extended).
Reissued in 1984 under the name of 'ROCKING VIBRATION'.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Winston JarrettNever Love Again
2Winston JarrettWise Man
3Winston JarrettPyaka
4Winston JarrettI'm A Hurting Inside
5Winston JarrettSleepin In The Park
6Winston JarrettRocking Vibration
7Winston JarrettI Shen Galore
8Winston JarrettTired Of The System
9Winston JarrettMash Down Babylon
10Winston JarrettBadness


Tamoki Wambesi LP  1979
Tamoki Wambesi LP  1989
Tamoki Wambesi CD  1999

Cover history

1989 - Tamoki Wambesi

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Winston Jarrett

Winston Jarrett photo


Born in 1940

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