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Natural Vibes - Life Hard A Yard

Natural Vibes - Life Hard A Yard

Natural Vibes - Life Hard A Yard

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Released in 1982


Artist/Band: Natural Vibes
Album name: Life Hard A Yard

Recorded and produced by Prince Jammy.
Backed by The Roots Radics and The High Times Band.
Recorded at Channel One and mixed at King Tubby's studios


N. Artist(s) Title
1Natural VibesNatural Vibes
2Natural VibesReggae Singer
3Natural VibesChildren Crying
4Natural VibesDreadlocks Time
5Natural VibesLiberation Song
6Natural VibesLife Hard A Yard
7Natural VibesFood For Thought
8Natural VibesBlood And Hate
9Natural VibesRastaman
10Natural VibesCry Love
11Natural VibesMy Woman Is Gone
12Natural VibesTrue True Loving


Starlight LP  1982

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  • Natural Vibes - Life Hard A YardNatural Vibes - Life Hard A Yard


Natural Vibes

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