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Peter Broggs - Cease The War

Peter Broggs - Cease The War

Peter Broggs - Cease The War

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Released in 1987


Artist/Band: Peter Broggs
Album name: Cease The War

Produced by Doctor Dread, L. Johnson and Peter Broggs.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Peter BroggsDon't Let the Children Cry
2Peter BroggsCrease The War
3Peter BroggsMr. Sheriff Man
4Peter BroggsMy Baby She's Gone
5Peter BroggsLet's Go Party
6Peter BroggsJust Can't Stop Praising Jah
7Peter BroggsSuzanne
8Peter BroggsFreedom For The People
9Peter BroggsI A Field Marshall
10Peter BroggsEthiopia We're Coming Home
11Peter BroggsLeggo Mi Hand
12Peter BroggsRastaman Chant Niahbingi
13Peter BroggsJah Jah Voice Is Calling
14Peter BroggsRastafari Liveth
15Peter BroggsInternational Farmer


RAS CD  1987

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Peter Broggs

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Henry James

Born in 1954

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