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General Degree - P'n's

General Degree - P'n's

General Degree - P'n's

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Released in 1994


N. Artist(s) Title
1General DegreePianist
2General DegreeIn Deh
3General DegreeCome In Deh
4General DegreeWantie Gettie
5General DegreeTan Well Ina The Place
6General DegreeMek Up Yu Mind
7General DegreeFire Him
8General Degree90 Degree Movement
9General DegreeMr. Do It Nice
10General DegreeWine Back
11General DegreeExclusive
12General DegreeBody Performance
13General DegreeSylvia
14General DegreeDrive Mi Mad


VP Records LP  1994
VP Records CD  1994

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General Degree

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