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Prezident Brown - Big, Bad And Talented

Prezident Brown - Big, Bad And Talented

Prezident Brown - Big, Bad And Talented

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Released in 1995


Artist/Band: Prezident Brown
Album name: Big, Bad And Talented

Produced by Barry O'Hare.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Prezident BrownBig Bad And Talented
2Prezident BrownLion Heart
3Prezident BrownLazy People Nuh Come A Dance
4Prezident BrownT.L.C.
5Prezident BrownFatal Attraction (avec Ebony)
6Prezident BrownInformer Fi Dead
7Prezident BrownYard Rock
8Prezident BrownWar Ting
9Prezident BrownOut Of Control
10Prezident BrownFree Way
11Prezident BrownLean Pon Mi Fence
12Prezident BrownAs Bare As You Are
13Prezident BrownBig Bamboo


Runn CD  1995

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Prezident Brown

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