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Morgan Heritage - Protect Us Jah

Morgan Heritage - Protect Us Jah

Morgan Heritage - Protect  Us Jah

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Released in 1997


Artist/Band: Morgan Heritage
Album name: Protect Us Jah

Produced by Bobby Dixon & Denroy Morgan.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Morgan HeritageSet Yourself Free
2Morgan HeritageExalt Jah
3Morgan HeritageWhat Can A Man Say
4Morgan HeritagePeople Are Fighting
5Morgan HeritageWhen Will We Decide
6Morgan HeritageMama & Papa
7Morgan HeritageLet's Make Up
8Morgan HeritageAfrica, Here We Come
9Morgan HeritageThe King Is Coming
10Morgan HeritageWatch The Heathen
11Morgan HeritageLet Them Talk
12Morgan HeritageProtect Us Jah
13Morgan HeritageLove Is Flowing
14Morgan HeritageMe Or You
15Morgan HeritagePromise


VP Records CD  1997
VP Records LP  1997
Jet Star CD  2002

Cover history

Jetstar - 2002

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Morgan Heritage

Morgan Heritage photo

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