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Sister Carol - Potent Dub

Sister Carol - Potent Dub

Sister Carol - Potent Dub

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Released in 1997


Artist/Band: Sister Carol
Album name: Potent Dub

Dub versions from Lyrically Potent (1996).


N. Artist(s) Title
1Sister CarolHoney Dub
2Sister CarolNatty Congo Dub
3Sister CarolStrong And Fit Dub
4Sister CarolFather Rock
5Sister CarolCan't Stop The Dub
6Sister CarolHerbal Dub
7Sister CarolRed-up Dub
8Sister CarolTraitor Dub
9Sister CarolWho The Dub Fit
10Sister CarolHomeward Dub
11Sister CarolRas Dub
12Sister CarolE-Z Dub


Shanachie CD  1997

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Sister Carol

Sister Carol photo


Carole East

Born in 1959

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