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Lady Saw - Raw - The Best Of Lady Saw

Lady Saw - Raw - The Best Of Lady Saw

Lady Saw - Raw - The Best Of Lady Saw

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Released in 1998

Genre: Compilation / Best of


N. Artist(s) Title
1Lady Saw"
2Lady SawFind A Good Man
3Lady SawSycamore Tree
4Lady SawIf Him Lef
5Lady SawStrange Feeling
6Lady SawGood Wuk
7Lady SawEh Em
8Lady SawGive Me A Reason
9Lady Saw & Beenie ManHealing (feat. Beenie Man)
10Lady SawNo Long Talking
11Lady SawHot Man A Road
12Lady SawNice It Up
13Lady SawSerious Allegation
14Lady SawStab Out The Meat
15Lady SawDarnest Things
16Lady SawMama G
17Lady SawLife Without Dick
18Lady SawWoman Wi Name
19Lady SawGal No Worry


VP Records LP  1998
VP Records CD  1998

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Lady Saw

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