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Daweh Congo - Human Rights And Justice

Daweh Congo - Human Rights And Justice

Daweh Congo - Human Rights And Justice

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Released in 2000

Reissue of Daweh Congo - Earth Runnings (1999)


Artist/Band: Daweh Congo
Album name: Human Rights And Justice

Produced by Gayland Bravo & R.G. Bed.
Recorded at Leggo's Studio.
Backed by The Roots Radics.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Daweh CongoHuman Rights & Justice
2Daweh CongoJah Is My Shepherd
3Daweh CongoAnother Day
4Daweh CongoWilderness
5Daweh CongoCome On Over
6Daweh CongoDrums
7Daweh CongoHerb Tree
8Daweh CongoOne World
9Daweh CongoEarth Running
10Daweh CongoMother Arose
11Daweh CongoBig Bad Sound
12Daweh CongoJah Mercy Seat


Roots and Culture CD  2000

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Daweh Congo

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