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Alton Ellis - Version Galore

Alton Ellis - Version Galore

Alton Ellis - Version Galore

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Released in 2002

Reissue of U-Roy - Version Galore (1970)


Artist/Band: Alton Ellis
Album name: Version Galore

This reissue includes the 12 original songs with 17 U Roy bonus tracks on disc 1.
Disc 2 includes the original vocals and instrumentals versions by various artists.
The LP version is the same as the original (12 tracks).


N. Artist(s) Title
1U-RoyYour Ace From Space
2U-RoyOn The Beach
3U-RoyVersion Galore
4U-RoyTrue Confession
5U-RoyTide Is High
6U-RoyThings You Love
7U-RoyThe Same Song
8U-RoyHappy Go Lucky Girl
9U-RoyRock Away (You'll Never Get Away)
10U-RoyWear You To The Ball
11U-RoyDon't Stay Away
12U-RoyHot Pop
13U-RoyWake The Town
14U-RoyBig Boy And Teacher (aka What Is Catty)
15U-RoyThis Station Rule The Nation
16U-RoyLove I Tender
17U-Roy & Hopeton LewisTom Drunk (feat. Hopeton Lewis)
18U-RoyTrue, True
19U-RoyI'm Flashing My Whip
20U-RoyDo It Right
21U-Roy & Hopeton LewisDrive Her Home (feat. Hopeton Lewis)
23U-RoyWay Back Home
24U-RoyEverybody Bawling
25U-RoyAin't That Loving You
26U-RoyDo Re Mi (aka Super Boss)
27U-Roy & My Girl 30 (feat. The Techniques)
28U-RoyPeace And Love
29U-RoyWords Of Wisdom
30Paragons (the)On The Beach
31Melodians (the)You Have Caught Me
32Silverstones (the)My True Confession
33Paragons (the)The Tide Is High
34Jamaicans (the)Things You Say You Love
35Paragons (the)The Same Song
36Paragons (the)Happy Go Lucky Girl
37Melodians (the)You'll Never Get Away (aka You Don't Need Me)
38Paragons (the)Wear You To The Ball
39Phyllis DillonDon't Stay Away
40Tennors (the)Hopeful Village
41Alton Ellis & Girl I've Got A Date (feat. the Flames)
42Techniques (the)Love Is Not A Gamble (Tears On My Pillow)
43The EthiopiansMother's Tender Care
44Stranger ColeThese Eyes (aka Crying Every Night)
45Ken ParkerTrue True True
46Paragons (the)Only A Smile
47Three Tops (the)Do It Right
48Melodians (the)Everybody Bawling
49Alton Ellis & Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) (feat. the Flames)
50Melodians (the)Last Train To Ecstasy
51Techniques (the)My Girl
52Jamaicans (the)Peace And Love
53Silverstones (the)In The Midnight Hour
54Tommy McCook & Mighty Alley (feat. The Supersonics)
55Tommy McCook & Nehru (feat. The Supersonics)
56Earl Lindo & The Ball (feat. The Supersonics)
57Winston Wright & Black Power (feat. The Supersonics)
58Tommy McCook & Drive Her Home (Version) (feat. The Supersonics)


Trojan CD  2002
Trojan LP  2002

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Alton Ellis

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Born in 1944

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