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Dubmatix - Champion Sound Clash

Dubmatix - Champion Sound Clash

Dubmatix - Champion Sound Clash

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Released in 2004


N. Artist(s) Title
1DubmatixWar Peace Dub
2Dubmatix20000 Leagues Beneath The Dub
3DubmatixEvil Creation Dub
4DubmatixBlack Nile Dub
5DubmatixJourney To The Centre Of The Dub
6DubmatixEnter The Dragon
7DubmatixPirate Dub
8DubmatixDub Phanatique
9DubmatixBlade And Chalice
10Dubmatix27th Street Mixup
11DubmatixDark Navigators
12DubmatixEmpirical Conqueror
13DubmatixEl Diablo Dub
14DubmatixIsland Sun
15DubmatixUptown Rockers


Silencio Records CD  2004

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  • Dubmatix - Champion Sound ClashDubmatix - Champion Sound Clash
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  • Dubmatix - System ShakedownDubmatix - System Shakedown
  • Dubmatix - In DubDubmatix - In Dub
  • Dubmatix - The French SessionsDubmatix - The French Sessions
  • Dubmatix - King Size Dub SpecialDubmatix - King Size Dub Special



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Musician, Producer, Sound Engineer

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