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Norris Man - Hey Woman

Norris Man - Hey Woman

Norris Man - Hey Woman

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Released in 2004


N. Artist(s) Title
1Norris ManHey Woman
2Norris ManLife Is A Phase
3Norris ManMake It Up
4Norris ManYou're The Love Light
5Norris ManThrow It Away
6Norris ManOne Track Mind
7Norris ManShe Don't Need Nobody
8Norris ManWatch What You Say
9Norris ManAbove The Water
10Norris ManKick Back Relax
11Norris ManBlessing Is More Life
12Norris ManEase The Pain
13Norris ManOnly Them Self
14Norris ManLet Us Party
15Norris ManYour Touch
16Norris ManMake It Like It Was
17Norris ManKick Back Relax (Dub Mix)


Cynergy CD  2004
Cynergy LP  2004

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Norris Man

Norris Man photo


Christopher Campbell

Born in 1973

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