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Jackie Edwards - This Is My Story

Jackie Edwards - This Is My Story

Jackie Edwards - This Is My Story

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Released in February 2005

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Jackie Edwards
Album name: This Is My Story

A History of Jamaica's Greatest Balladeer.
Double CD.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Jackie EdwardsYour Eyes Are Dreaming (Original Version)
2Jackie EdwardsWe're Gonna Love
3Jackie EdwardsTell Me Darling
4Jackie EdwardsHeaven Just Knows (Original Version)
5Jackie EdwardsWhenever There's Moonlight
6Jackie EdwardsAll My Days
7Jackie EdwardsWhy Make Believe
8Jackie EdwardsThe Things You Do
9Jackie Edwards & The Vow (feat. Millie)
10Jackie EdwardsThe Same One
11Jackie Edwards & This Is My Story (feat. Millie)
12Jackie EdwardsAt The End Of The Rainbow
13Jackie Edwards & My Desire (feat. Millie)
14Jackie EdwardsToo Experienced
15Jackie EdwardsOh Manio
16Jackie Edwards & Judy MowattIn Paradise (feat. Judy Mowatt)
17Jackie EdwardsCome On Girl
18Jackie EdwardsYour Eyes Are Dreaming (Reggae Version)
19Jackie EdwardsJohnny Gunman
20Jackie EdwardsI Do Love You
21Jackie EdwardsWho Told You So
22Jackie EdwardsJulie On My Mind
23Jackie EdwardsMiss Black And Beautiful
24Jackie EdwardsDo What You Wanna Do
25Jackie EdwardsMary
26Jackie EdwardsTheme From Peyton Place
27Jackie EdwardsYou're My Future Wife
28Jackie EdwardsDo You Believe In Love
29Jackie EdwardsBefore The Next Teardrop Falls
30Jackie EdwardsBack In My Arms
31Jackie EdwardsReap What You Sow
32Jackie EdwardsI'll Never Believe In You
33Jackie EdwardsSo Jah Say
34Jackie EdwardsInvasion
35Jackie EdwardsTell Me Darling (Reggae Version)
36Jackie EdwardsWhat You Gonna Do
37Jackie EdwardsCome Closer To Me
38Jackie EdwardsSincerely
39Jackie EdwardsIf I Didn't Have A Dime To Play The Jukebox
40Jackie EdwardsKeep On Running
41Jackie EdwardsI'm In The Mood For Love
42Jackie EdwardsGet Up
43Jackie EdwardsWhen I Fall In Love
44Jackie EdwardsHeaven Just Knows (Reggae Version)
45Jackie EdwardsMy Name Is Fred (OK Fred)
46Jackie EdwardsAll Shook Up
47Jackie EdwardsGhetto King
48Jackie EdwardsGhetto Queen
49Jackie Edwards & Girl Of My Dreams (feat. Doreen)
50Jackie EdwardsSee Dem A Gwan Deh
51Jackie EdwardsPledging My Love


Trojan CD February,  2005

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Jackie Edwards

Jackie Edwards photo


Born in 1938

Died in 1992

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