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Yami Bolo - Ministry

Yami Bolo - Ministry

Yami Bolo - Ministry

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Released in 2005

Genre: Compilation / Best of


Artist/Band: Yami Bolo
Album name: Ministry

Compilation of duets with a couple of unreleased songs.


N. Artist(s) Title
1Yami BoloEcrire Pour (feat. Shurik'n & Nuttea)
2Yami Bolo & Sugar MinottLove Jah Everyday (feat. Sugar Minott)
3Yami Bolo & Ken BootheRichard Corry (feat. Ken Boothe)
4Yami Bolo & Dennis BrownBuss Of Head (feat. Dennis Brown)
5Yami BoloWar & Guns (feat. Horace Andy)
6Yami Bolo & CapletonPut Down Your Weapon (feat. Capleton)
7Yami Bolo & Curly Locks (feat. Merciless)
8Yami Bolo & Rastafari Is Life (feat. Ifa)
9Yami BoloDo Good (feat. Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin & Jack Radics)
10Yami Bolo & ShalomJajah Loving (feat. Shalom)
11Yami Bolo & Culture Taking Over (feat. Johny Osbourne)
12Yami Bolo & SizzlaTrue love (feat. Sizzla)
13Yami Bolo & Jack RadicsPuppet Master (feat. Jack Radics)
14Yami Bolo & Bounty KillerWillow Tree (feat. Bounty Killer)
15Yami Bolo & Run For (feat. Lee Scratch Perry)


Ilights CD  2005

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Yami Bolo

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