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Ziggi Recado - So Much Reasons

Ziggi Recado - So Much Reasons

Ziggi Recado - So Much Reasons

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Released in 2006


N. Artist(s) Title
1Ziggi RecadoIntro (Party Starter)
2Ziggi Recado & In My head (feat. Shanaira Rey)
3Ziggi Recado & All Obstacles (feat. House of Riddims)
4Ziggi Recado & There Again (feat. Shy Rock)
5Ziggi Recado & Love Jones (feat. Lovey)
6Ziggi RecadoWar On Guns (Interlude)
7Ziggi RecadoHigh Time
8Ziggi RecadoCall Me
9Ziggi Recado & Elephant ManInna M Bed (feat. Elephant Man)
10Ziggi RecadoOutta Control
11Ziggi RecadoThe Breakdown (Interlude)
12Ziggi RecadoSo Much Reasons
13Ziggi Recado & Notorious (Remix) (feat. Turbulence)
14Ziggi RecadoGyals Dem (Interlude)
15Ziggi RecadoGirls
16Ziggi RecadoStrictly Hot Gyal
17Ziggi Recado & All My Girls (feat. Mega D)
18Ziggi RecadoScrew Face
19Ziggi Recado & Push Myself (feat. Iva)
20Ziggi Recado & Yin Yan (feat. Dos Uno)
21Ziggi RecadoEmpress
22Ziggi RecadoHear Me When I Pray
23Ziggi Recado & In My Head (Bonus Remix) (feat. Shanaira Rey)


Rock'N Vibes CD  2006

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Ziggi Recado

Ziggi Recado photo


Ziggi Ricardo

Born in 1981

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